The $SOUTH token serves as the cornerstone of the DeepSouth AI ecosystem, offering multiple utilities that enhance user engagement and incentivize participation. Below we outline the primary utilities of the $SOUTH token within our ecosystem.

Revenue Sharing

The main utility of the $SOUTH token is to facilitate a revenue-sharing model. As the DeepSouth AI platform evolves, we plan to introduce a premium subscription feature. Revenue generated from these subscriptions will be used to purchase $SOUTH tokens from the market. These tokens will then be distributed to users who stake their $SOUTH tokens on the UNCX platform. This approach not only rewards token holders but also supports the overall economy of the $SOUTH token by increasing demand and reducing circulating supply.

The only official $SOUTH staking is available on the UNCX platform. You can access it by following this LINK.

Premium Subscription Discounts

An additional utility of the $SOUTH token is to provide discounts on the DeepSouth AI platform subscription fees. Users who choose to pay for their subscription using $SOUTH tokens will benefit from a discount on the standard fee. The exact percentage of the discount will be determined at the time of the premium feature launch. This discount incentivizes the use of $SOUTH tokens within the platform, increasing token utility and promoting circulation within the ecosystem.

As DeepSouth AI continues to grow, we will explore additional utilities for the $SOUTH token to further integrate it into new features and services. These expansions will be designed to enhance the user experience and increase the intrinsic value of the $SOUTH token within our ecosystem.

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